Wednesday, July 25, 2007

5 Things I dig (love) about Jesus Meme

This post goes out to my dear friend Michelle in MX!
This is a long overdue Meme...I actually owe you a few. I hope that doesn't make me more in debt!
Hey I have four kids so I always have a good excuse for messy house, forgotten things, procrastination...etc, right?

Well this is the "5 Things I Dig (Love) about Jesus Meme"

1...I can talk to Him any time of the day or night....Any!
2...I can talk to Him any where...(shower, library, store.....)
3...He still loves me and forgives me, even after I got upset with my kids.
4...He 'chose' to love me!
5...Even when I've done stupid things and I feel like an idiot, He gently calls me back to Him, and tells me I'm not. list could go on too...
He is just so awesome...