Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Today is Wednesday! aagh, were are the days going!?

I finally got my laundry done! woohoo! A friend opened up her home (and washer and dryer) to do her laundry there. Yeah we're that broke. Ugh, I don't like writing negative I was just wondering, being a family of six and all. I was thinking about the amount of time it takes to cook for and clean up after everyone. And then there is the rest of the house...I could be (and am) busting my but all day (almost all day) picking up after the rugrats and at the end of the day thee is really nothing to show for it. Ok, so this is life, and it is not going to change anytime soon. So, why clean up? Right? Wrong..I have a few reasons we just have to keep things in some kind of order (even though they don't stay that way).

1...not being able to find clean underwear, so the kids wear them for more than a few days. It turns out they never put them away after being washed!

2...not having a bottle when I need one (no I'm not the one drinking!) Oh, found the bottle under the bed...eeew!

3...just beacuse you can eat a balanced 3 course meal from the food found on the floor does NOT mean you should! Hey, it's the dogs snack...back off baby!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

double bloggin'

Uugh! I will keep this short and sweet cause I just finished typing my post and I did somehting and it didn't get saved and a went to another page and lost my post...boohoo!
I thank God for all the prayers of our brothers and sisiters in the Lord who are praying for us. We are going through a very serious financial strain and need as many prayers as we can get. Yet there is a peace in the home though that surpasses understanding. We are doing all we can do and asking the Lord what else we need to do in our situation. To give us wisdom in tis season.
So on a lighter note. I have to walk down my hallway about 235 times a day, rough estimate. And every time I do I realize I need to name the hallway. It should be called "The hallway of shame!" You see we don't yet have a washer and dryer since moving. So we visit the laundremat often. But if we don't go often enough and we have more than the average number of pee-pee beds then we have the make-up for disaster. So pleas don't pop in for a visit unannounced! Oh yeah and then there is the girls room! Hey three girls in one room, no matter what age, it is another disaster waiting to happen. One of them forgets to put clothes away, another like s to cahnge clothes all day long and the other is happy just taking things out of drawers. There is more I want to share, but I'll save that for another blog. I have been up too late in the evenings and my sleep needs to get caught that really possible?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thank you for your prayers

I have been out of blog for a few days now. Missed Wordless Wednesday. Honestly there has been alot on my mind. I am keeping it lifted up to the Lord. I am sharing with you because I know the Lord answers prayers. So this is it... since we just moved to a new city, it took a little while for my husband to get a job and when he got one he wasn't picky about the salary because at that time any salary was better than no salary! Well he has still been looking for a job because this one is enough to support a single man or married, but not with children! He is working for the seminary where he is planning to return in the fall. Our income needs to more than double! Well that really is the long and short of it in a nutshell! I haven't been getting a whole lot of sleep lately. I've been doing alot of job searching at night when all are asleep. I think I found something good, we'll find out today about that. My husband hasn't been sleeping that great either, wonder why. We continue to seek His face and His perfect will for our family. OK...this pic is one I love because it is of two people I love. My crazy blondie girl and her crazy bald uncle! He is my only older brother (cause I have alot of younger ones).

Monday, May 22, 2006

Aaaah! I'm seeing spots! Help!

I had a bit of a surprise on Sunday morning. I awoke and put my littlest one in her high chair in the kitchen where my husband was and went to take a shower. When I came back I noticed that there were spots on her face. I thought she had scratched herself with her fingernails that hadn't been cut. Then I noticed it on her neck...I lifted up her shirt...aaah! It was pretty much everywhere but her bum and legs. Well I don't know how many of you do vaccinatins, I know there are a wide range of beleifs out there. Well I am a vaccinating mother and she had just gotten her vaccine for chicken pox about 11 days prior. You know vaccinating was just something that we did. Also having lived 12 years in Mexico as missionary to deaf) and having given birth to 2 of our 4 children there, it makes sense when you're in a foreign country to be protected in that sense. Well anyway, it looked like it would be chicken pox..even according to all the information we could find on the internet..gotta love that google! Well all that wouldn't be so bad except that I'm starting up my own business as an independant consultant for Usborne. Selling books and having home shows. It wouldn't work to have my first show in my home and my kids having chicken pox. I don't think that would be very good for business, ya'know. It is funny though cause there are some moms at my church that don't vaccinate and they would like their kids to get 'the pox'. So I figured I could do my 1st show with moms who want their kids to get chicken pox! Well we waited the afternoon and it did not get any worse. It actually seemed to calm down..even after having her play outside with her siblings. It is a little warm her in Texas and the weather would have agravated 'the pox' if that was what it was. But it did not. So if any of you mommies have your kids wake up with spots, contact me, cause I think I've educated myself enough for all ya'll. So what is it?...roseola! OK, most of you have probabally had your runs with this and it's old news. I even question how after having had 3 other yungins' how the 4th took me by surprise. Well for me, by the time one has passed through a stage that they are in and move on, I tend to forget how we even got through it. So I might even be contacting some of you asking for help one of these days.

Friday, May 19, 2006

My 1st MEME! Oooh!'s my first time being tagged, hey, us 1st's should get like a shirt saying "My 1st MEME" , like, ya' know a baby's 1st Christmas! Afterall I'm a baby blogger! So thanks Michelle, you've stopped me from the roll I was on in my house! So here goes.....

1...What's your favorite word? hmmm...Antidisestablishmentarianism, because it is a real word! And no I can't use it in a sentence and YES the spell checker recognized it!
2...What's your least favorite word? Supercalifragilisticexpialidosous, because it's NOT a real word, and the spell checker does NOT recognize it, but YES it does get stuck in your head once you've seen Mary Poppins!
3...What turns you on? My Honey washing my feet, rubbing them and putting lotions on them...aaah
4...What turns you off? bad moods and ignorance
5...What's your favorite curse word? the only 4 letter "f" word I've ever used is 'foot'. I've used it with exlcamations, yes. But I heard myself saying 'dang-it' and 'darn-it' when my 2 1/2 yr. old's taperecorder replayed them...oops.
6...What sound or noise do you love to hear? My husband's hearing aid ringing, cause it means it's working and he can enjoy hearing his family, music..etc
7...What noise do you hate? The sound of 'caca'roaches creeping across your carpet at night....argh! You mean you can't hear them?
8...What profession would you like to attempt? that really a profession?
9...What profession would you NOT like to do? Exterminator, as in pests, yes I HATE roaches but I can't deal with the killing and clean up.
10...What would you like to hear God say to you upon arriving in heaven? Come in and rest...there are no roaches in heaven. there it is, a little wordy, but hey that's me! Hmm....whom shall I tag? How about a new
Yellow're it! Well, now back to cleaning...oops, it's 1am 'dang-it'!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Yeah! Better Day!

Today has been a better day than, well, yesterday. Yesterday was just a errgh..uugh..grrr...kind of day towards house and kids. And I believe I know why. Yesterday I did not have a plan for the day. There was way more than plenty that needed to get done, but no clear mind in how to go about it. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a "messy-cleanie", meaning that I have a hard time functioning with the mess because it overwhelms brain kind of shuts down and doesn't know what to tackle first. I need a clean home to function, but with 4 kids...yeah , you know. So it can be a nasty cycle. So this morning I went to the womens prayer group with my church. There was plenty of chatting about liposuction and boobs and modesty..ya know, alota woman stuff. But it was also encouraging and so was praying for someone else, which is what they do each week. One person shares how they are doing and everyone prays for her and shares a word that God has given for her..etc. Edifying and encouraging her.
So I came back home and have been able to focus and was also inspires to talk with my 2 older kids and it also spoke to me. I tod them that they will be cleaning for the rest of their was funny because my 6 yr old sons response was "aaogh" with whiny undertones". He thought it was a punishment! But I told them that they will eventually have their own home and they will have to clean that too. There would be only one thing that would or could change and my 8 yr old daughter hit the nail on the head. Our attitude! I also felt encouraged from the Lord that all I a doing in caring for the home and family is good. And that I should not tire (or become weary..shriveled up etc..) from doing good. And caring for the home, Hubby and kids is good, it is very good. So I guess I'll get back to doing good now! Smile!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Vunerable or Free

I have been going to a womans bible study group with the woman from my church and we are reading the book "Captivating". This has got me to thinking about my self and women or mommies in general. Do you ever feel like you are hiding behind your kids, like when you go somewhere without them you feel like something is just missing. Maybe because we get used to the crazyness and busyness of life whith them that when for some reason they are not there something seems out of balance. I have thought about this and have wondered if I am feeling vulnerable without them around. Like I feel important and needed with them but am not sure of who I am or what my purpose is without them. I believe I am going through a season of finding out what God's purpose is in my life, as a woman, as me His daughter. I wonder if there are others who feel this way. Do you feel exposed or vulnerable without your children around or do you feel free and liberated? Or do you have a healthy balance of feeling needed but hey it's great to be free to be me alone sometimes? I enjoy my alone time (whenever I can get it). But I know it is important to have an understanding of who God wants us to be, not only as wife and mother but also as a woman.
Ok...I must say...after a long day, there is something liberating about kids that fall asleep in the car before you've even leave the party. My kids had a joint birthday party with family and friends in CA. before we moved. And my mom had rented a "bounce castle". Well I think they bounced to their hearts content! Cause we hadn't even started the car..I hadn't even buckled the little one in. Isn't that nice...I wish every day ended so smooth.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Oh Happy Mothers Day to Me...Happy Mothers Day to Me..La..La..La..La..La..LaHappy Mothers Day to Me! Today was good. We went to church this morning and afterwards MY family (3 Princess', 1Prince and my Hubby) took me to lunch at a Chinese Buffet. Yum, what is it about free refills and all-you-can-eat places that make you throw inhibitions to the wind? Well, I didn't do too bad. You really can't eat too much when there are 4 other birdies with their mouths open. Although the 2 oldest are 8 and 6, so I tried to let them do their own "hunting" for foods they liked at the warmers, that was interesting.Then my sweet family took me to a lake nearby, or as my 2 1/2 called it a "big bathtub". It was a murky bathtub. This was my kids first time going to a lake and my son was nervous at first cause he thought there might be sharks. they think there are sharks in the really big murky bathtub. Hey, they're kids, that's what makes them so special, the simple way they see things and the funny things that they say. So because it was a surprise I went in with my shorts, my eldest daughter urged me and egged my on. She wanted me to come in cause it was for me. So I went. For the littlest ones we tossed the swelled up diapers onto the shore and went in with just little shorts or the baby with just her summer dress. It was a fun family adventure, it felt spontaneous, (to me anyway) cause I didn't help plan anything. To me a perfect Mothers Day is a day spent with those who helped put you into the create you...The Mommy! The picture I am sharing is actualy from Easter. As a friend of mine said, "they look like angels" and I couldn't agree more! Happy Mothers Day to all of you!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

New Day!

Well, today is a new day....and...It's Mother's Day. So in honor of "us" I think we should start the day out right, with a clean slate. I begin by forgiving myself of any mistakes I've made or thought that I made.... they probably weren't real mistakes, just being to hard on myself. I don't think I stand alone when I wonder if some of the things I've said, done, thought,decided, verbalized...etc. Have ruined my childrens lives for good. That they will never be able to grow up into self respecting citizens because I wouldn't let Sally go play 10 more minutes with Suzie her bestest of best friends. Oh, mercy! But then a miracle happens and next thing you know..our children love us. Why? How? When did this happen? I thought you were mad at me? Well Mommies of the world, I believe there is something ingrained into our children that even they don't know how it got there. it is a mystical, magical, misterious's called...LOVE! And you wanna' know something? You know where they got it from? YOU! You are doing a terrific job! Cause I know I have made many mistakes and my children amazingly still love me...the same as I still love my mom, even if she does burn dinner sometimes (hey I like cajun!) So celebrate today, celebrate your children! Because without them, you would not be were you are today! A MOMMY!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Gotta Luv Um'

I just wanted to share the family that God has blessed me with. What a joy, a privelage and such a responsability it is to care for each of them. I am honored to be their mommy and my husbands wife. Yes, like my friend Michelle says, you have to choose joy, peace and love..etc. --daily. These things do not come easily. We must work at them and let God work them in us. Ok nuf preachin'...I just love all my sweeties!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Simple Things

I am amazed at how kids find so much joy in the simple things in life. Like my son's birthday when we took him to a botanical garden and a free art museum along with his sisters for his birthday. It was a simple day...we did not have the resources to make a big birthday for him. But that was ok. What blessed me the most was at the end of the day he exclaimed that that was the best day he'd ever had! Wow! I would have thought that any normal 6 year old would have been bored out of his gourd looking at flowers, plants and old paintings. But what made it special was that he knew it was "his" day. We were celebrating "him" that day, and we were together as a family. The same goes for my Angellina Ballerina on her birthday (8) just recently, she went to the park with some newly made friends and afterwards we spontaneosly invited them to our house and they went swimming in our mini pool and played dress up. Angelina Ballerina and her three girl friends. There was such a simpleness and enjoying one another that just touched me. Of course the girls moms thought I had lost a few marbles for inviting them over for like another..what was it...4-5 hours. Yeah, my husband thought I was crazy when he looked at the house. Now mind you, my kids absolutly LOVED their birthday party they celebrated with family before leaving CA. They would LOVE to do another bouncy castle! But knowing that the simple things are ok with them too...lets me know that I must be doing something right. It encourages me and makes me feel like a good mom...a simple mom. I hope we can all find that joy from the simple things in life. From each other.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


So this morning Ralph (hubby) took all the clothes to the laundramat..sp?. He did this before church at 10. Well my little superhero who is 6, was up at 7:20 and had some granola too. All the girls were still sleeping beauties at this time. I thought this could be one of those father-son bonding experiences. So I asked my boy,"would you like to go with Daddy?" He replied most sincerely, "No' I can't." This puzzled me because he had no reason not to go, that I could think of. So I asked "Why can't you go?" and hs honest reply was, "'cause, I won't behave." Somehow that honesty erased, in advance any shannigans that he would pull that day. Well, he did end up going and strangely enough he did behave. I say strange because he does tend to misbehave (as most boys tend towards) and also because he just knew he would and then didn't. I am wondering if the confession prior to the opportunity to misbehave helped. I wonder if that would work with grown ups? Hmmm... Just a thought.

Friday, May 05, 2006

On becoming a woman

As woman there are many mile markers in our lives. When we "hit" puberty, or rather it hits us. Then again at sweet sixteen. And for some when we become 21 it is our first "legal" opportunity to become inebriated. When those that have chosen to join in holy matrimony say "I do", they usually don't realize what they "did" till later. Then of course when babies come there's no turning back or looking back actually, cause life will fly by in a matter of years.
I myself have recently hit a mile marker and feel I am more officially a woman. Here I am on the doorstep of turning 32 and I have 4 children and am happily married these almost nine years, and am only now "becoming a woman".
How has that happened? You say. Well we just moved to Texas for my huband to finish seminary after more than a decade on the mission field. WOW, decade sounds so long! And we are renting our first house together, well as a understand. It is the first time I have been able to make our home our home. So I realized that I am experience what a lot of woman may take for granted. Closets...oooh! get to vacuum! And my personal favorite...the tub!Aaaah! Calgon take me away! It also made me realize that there maybe other woman who are late bloomers too. and that's ok...cause so am I.