Friday, September 29, 2006

YAY!! Good news!

We have reason to celebrate! As some may know/remember. I had been trying to get a job as a deaf education interpreter. Previously the position Ihad prefered was 30+ minutes away (and gas prices were higher). Then more ecently there was a position available at a High School about 15+ minutes away. I was looking for elementary (because even though I've been working with the deaf for about 12 years, I've never actually interpreted in a school setting and prefered to not be intimidated--I felt that elementary would be a safe place to start). So I did not go for it. Well about a week ago I got word that there was a position open at the elementary! So I did the application online and waited. Now the lady who does the hiring and is responsible for that department was out for the week. So I had to wait..........sigh. Then the day I knew she was back I called her in the morning. She asked me to bring in my resume (instead of e-mailing it) and I went in and ended up having an interview! Which I was prepared for because I was thinking that might happen. So, it went well....and I have begun the hiring process!! I still have to wait to finish all that stuff and for orientation. Please be praying that my paperwork will speed throught the system quickly, that it will stay on the top of the files and get through asap! So this means that my hubby will stay at home and homeschool and cook (of which he is well qualified for) and he will basically become Mr. Mom!! Both of us are excited because he loves to teach the kids and cook and he is so much better at 'keeping order' than me. I will be doing something to utilize my skills and abilities and be able to provide for the family at the same time. I know that this is not the norm (husband-home wife-at work) but we are so very ok with that. My husband will be in his area of gifting and I'll be in mine...sounds good to me. Oh, and another plus is that there is a lady we have met that lives around the corner from us who has hired my husband as a handy man and she has been such a blessing to us.
God is good...he has answered our prayers!! Thank you all for your prayers!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Will work for coffee!!

Don't you love at the end of the day when the house is quiet and serene. Knowing that that the little monkeys are securely tied in their beds, oops....I mean tucked in their beds. And you can finally spend time with the one you have missed most all day...your computer! (yes I am kiding!) You can blog to your hearts content and you can chat with a friend who is far from you but close to your heart. You can make silly videos of you and your hubby and be thinking "if only I really looked that good". And then when you finally do lay yourself down to get some shuteye, ( it may be close to 2am) the baby inevitably starts to fuss and cry. You bring her to bed to try and nurse her quickly back to sleep and an hour or so later find you are still doing the same thing and she has done a few exersize routines in that time. So you take yourself and baby to the living room, thinking a change of scenery might help. It doesn't. And a hour or so later..who can tell? The 3 year old comes to join the both of you on the recliner. Well this disturbs the littlest one and you can't tell and don't seem to care because you are not really asleep or awake. Finally you are able to put the 3 year old on the floor because she went to sleep easily unlike other one who is teething her molars (not me!) And fianlly figure out to make a bottle for the babe (who is actually 15 months). But realizing we are out of milk, decide to make her some chamomile tea with half and half ( because we cannot run out of half and half, cause we need it for the coffee, and we can't drink coffee without it, and we need coffee!...for night like the afore mentioned). So! She finally begins to sleep and so nicely do you too..........then, the other two monkeys (ages 8 and 6) wake up early at around 6:30 or 7 (who knows?) And they are hungry? And they want to watch tv? (on a school morning?) Whatever...go eat whatever is in the fridge or cereal or chocolate and yeah watch whatever is on tv, hey and start some coffee while you're in the kitchen, ok honey? But whatever you do...Don't...Wake...Mommy!
Does any of this sound familiar?
Yeah, I had ones of those night/mornings too and am just now recovering from it!

Sorry, my links are not working :( but I'll try to get them fixed....You know who you are...friend!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Blog design contest!

Anyone who has seen my blog morph over the past few months know it is time for me to settle into a permanent design....I keep going with these free ones from blogspot cause I am only so smart...the rest of the stuff I have been figuring out on my own. So..on that note...I am entering in a drawing to see if I can't settle myself down to one design.
So...good luck to me!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Modesty is beautiful!

This is a short and sweet post.
I wanted to point out that I have added a button to my blog. It is "Moms (and dads) for modesty" button. In doing this I have agreed to a few things. If any of you have daughters then you can understand, I'm sure the dilema we are facing more and more these days. Please check out the link and if you agree...please let your 'voice' be heard.

I have three girls and it is only begining. My eldest daughter is 8 ad the other two are 3 and 1. But we have endevoured to teach Miss A (8). about modesty. She is now not comfortable when she puts her arms up and her tummy shows. She knows it is time to toss the shirt or pass it to her younger sister. Now today for the first time her 'next in line' sister, Little Miss A, was wearing a shirt and she declared it "too small"! Because it bared her midriff....and she is only 3! I think that is cool. What that is telling me is that they are getting it on there own without me saying much. We also prefer our daughters shorts not be short shorts. But what has happened because we have had clothes given to us and we have not had money to go looking for the shorts that we prefer (which I have a feeling may be difficult to find), we ended up compromising a little. But we have her wear short spandex underneath. So what do you do in those situations? We are trying to do the best we can with what we have. I believe we should follow our instincts and gaurd our daughters hearts above all else. To teach them that there beauty comes from within. It is so very important!
I will also add...that beacause I have a is equally important to teach our sons to respect girls/women and to treat them that way. To train them to be protectors and gentlemen. My boy is 6....and I tell him that he is responsible to watch out and help protect his sisters and that includes his older sister. You can see his chest puff up a little when I tell him too, he feels like a 'little man'!

Well I said it would be short and I guess it was just sweet, right?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Cause I'm freeee...I'm Freecyclin'!

I have got to share information. When you find something good it is nice to share. I moved to Texas as ya'll know and in the moving process there are things that are sold or left behind and consequently are needed after arrival but are obviously done without.
Well I had someone tell me to check a website called and well, I did. And on there you look up your State and then city etc. You can then join the group and enjoy. What is it about? Well this is just it in a nutshell. It is to post an offer of something you are getting rid of or to post something you are looking for. The main purpose is to keep a lot of useful things out of the landfill and dumps. Many time we need or want to get rid of something but don't know who to give it to or how to dispose of it.
I want to tell you that this has been an AWESOME blessing to us!
We have acquired things big and small i.e.
woman's mountain bike
sewing machine
material, yarn, beads
11 boxes of books
swim diapers
ok, you get my point!
Now mind you...the condition of the item you pick up maybe gently used or extremely used. When you respond to someones offer you are accepting it 'as is'.
The bike I just got needs a little work and the swingset is really old but both are working fine after a little TLC.
Yes..we all work a better with a little TLC!
And that means "Tender Loving Care".....not 'The Learning Channel'!
Which I love to watch....well that's just way off the subject....
So go check out your local freecycle group! Don't delay, use it to receive and to give away!!