Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our Dear Robin

So I haven't blogged in months...either because I have no personal life or there is too much packed into my days...or both!

But we recently had something happen in and to our family. Our dear family companion and best friend of 12 years has passed on. It has been a few weeks now. My heart is still very tender. Some would argue that she was just a dog. Robin was so much more than that. She was there before we were married. She was there for the birth of our four kids and we were there for the birth of her eight. She was with us through all the up, downs, ins and outs of being on the mission field. She has come with us stateside these past three years, in what I consider her golden years. She loved us and was so loved by us. There will never be another to replace her...not even close.
Robin...you'll be missed. But forever in our hearts!