Monday, December 27, 2010

Between Summer and Winter break

From summer break to winter break...hmmm. Well, kids started school and it was a wee bit rocky as you may expect when you are going to a new school in a new town. Abby started 7th grade and Caleb started 5th! Now with the school year half over we are able to look forward with more confidence as challenges have been met and conquered! Ana and Beka continue to homeschool. Since all the moving we know that ana got a bit behind and want to make sure she is 'up to par' and ready for the 3rd grade next year. But since Beka is schooling with her, she is catching up to her older sister too quickly.

Living on a small family homestead has been interesting. We have for sure seen our share of wildlife and i am sure we'll see more. We have seen deer, rattlesnakes, armadillo, possum or raccoon, roadrunner, coyote and bobcat! Have gotten closer than I would like to some and have had to catch and kill a rattler. Oh and inside the house (at certain times of the year) I have had to kill my fair share of scorpions too! ...and wasps..but that's enough about pests.

I would say we have had quiet a busy past 6 months. Ralph started and finished a brick patio and walkway, it is a very lovely addition to the wood patio my brother made. We are looking forward to spending warm summer days and cool summer nights outside. I am sure grandma will be able to come outside and enjoy it as well.

The biggest thing I am looking to start this coming year, is a vegetable garden. We really hope to become more self sustaining and raise more goats, chickens and our own vegetables.
It will take some planning for sure.
I sure hope that by the next time I get around to posting, I will have good news to share about my garden...we shall see!