Monday, July 24, 2006

Ah, the sweet innocence!

It has been so very very hot here! It is starting to cool down, it is a nice 93 now! Yeah, I know...but that is better than last week which got up to 110! And...our central ac has not been working properly, but that would be another blog topic all together.
So, it has been so very hot and our family is getting ready to head out of the house the other day. But daddy needs to get a quick shower before we leave. Well I mentioned that I needed one too, cause of all the excess sweating! And I said (with kids around-just to see their reaction), "well maybe we can both get our shower at the same time!"....." that would be ok, wouldn't it?" I asked. Well my 6 year old son seemed to think that would be ok. But then again he is also the one who streeeeks from bathroom to bedroom (they are like 5 ft apart). Covering only the vitals with his cupped hands. Well he will also walk the house looking for me, doing the same thing, just to ask me where his underwear are. So maybe his opinion is null.....? But My 8 year old said "NO!" ....."It would not be OK to shower together!" So I asked her why....."because everyone know that boys and girls don't shower together." I guess all I can say is...I taught her well. We will just cross the 'other' bridge when we get to it. Cause ...honey, you wouldn't be here if we didn't do just that from time to time!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Here's it is my can breath

Thank you Michelle for your nudge. Hey these pic's are for you too...bringing back a little of those "Thelma and Louise" memories. Except they didn't have babies in the back seat of the convertible! I have been needing to post. Life just keeps happening and my blogging can't keep up...gonna hafta' do something about that..
Well I have mentioned about the washing machine and the lawn mower, now we have a microwave. Plus our food stamps finally came through. This is something that is a big blessing for us at this time but want to be working our way out of needing it . It's there to help us at this point in time, but I pray one day (in the not too distant future) that we won't qualify because we are making to much money. Because all we want to do is pay our bills and get out of debt, who doesn't? But also want to be in a place to bless others as well...abundantly.
On that note...I had my interview for being an interpreter at a school that has a deaf program. I have been signing for the past 12 years but not all of that in a school setting. It has been in Mexico too. So I am not really sure how my experience will be rated. My perception is that it is not a question of 'if' I will get hired but 'how much my salary would be' when hired. We really need double what my husband is bringing in, but only God knows what we truly need. And how and when we will receive it. The school district is about 35 min away and will cost about $160 in gas alone per month. There is a chance a friend could work at that district as well. But there is some red tape holding her back. Please be praying that she be able to work in the same district because that would be so much help if we could ride together. I should find out by the end of next week about the job. If I am in or not and how much pay. Our lives and livelyhoods are in His hands. I thank and praise God for His goodness in our lives and the direction He is leading us. Thank you so much for your prayers and concern. How great is His love for us ...and you! Keeping you posted.....hello, hello? Anyone out there? Well I better hang-up.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm so excited!...#2

This is going to be a mini post since the last was soooo wordy! We just picked up a lawn mower! It was another freebie! Thank you Lord! Now I have a washing machine and my man has his lawn mower. Not exactly our 'toys', but if you don't have one and you need one...then they feel like new toys when you get them. We are basking in His goodness. He knows what we need and when we need it. We were content in going to the laundromat (in a longsufferring-maybe it will help build character in my kids and I kind of way) and our neighbors had helped us mow before, although the grass has been looking really shaggy lately and no one has offered and we hadn't asked for help yet. Isn't God good?!
Thank you for your prayers as we continue to seek the Lords will in our life in the area of jobs/finances.

Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm so excited!

I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it!
Yeah now the song will be running through your head ! Well in the midst of our needs that we etc... We, as you know from my blogging about my laundromat experience, need a washing machine. So in brief...WE FINALLY HAVE A WASHING MACHINE! And it is not and old beat up one. It is really new (although I don't know how new) So this is the so cool story. My hubby, while he was out and about working, noticed an old used washing machine in front of somebodys' house. He texted me about it and I went to scope it out. Well no one is home so I leave a note with my number. I go back later in the day on a nudge, cause you really never know if the person will call..and I really want a washing machine...bad! Well I got there and, bummer, it was gone. But the man said they had another one...sweet! So I looked at it and it looked so very nice! And I'm thinking "So what is so major wrong that they are getting rid of it!". He says that it has been leaking. And I think.."Hey, I can handle leak". So hubby comes home and we go over to see it. Well the man of the house is not there. But he told me earlier that he may not be there but we are still welcome to the washing machine if we want it and can pick it up, even if no one is there. So..we do! And then the woman of the house shows up...akward! So the washing machine was on their back porch but there is no fence or gate and we just pulled it on our dolley. We had it almost completely in the back of the van when she pulled up. I felt like a thief! The first thing that came out of my mouth as she was rolling down her window and then steeping out of her car was that her husband said we could come get it. But I told her if that was not ok then we'd put it back! Yeah right! Like I really wanted to, but she was totally cool, she said she didn't know her husband wanted to get rid of it but if that was what he was fine! Whew!
So we hooked it up out back and it leaks....a little! Man if I could take a picture right now and post it, I would. But I'm all out of discs. But it looks so very pretty! Thank you Lord for answering the desires of our hearts. Thank you Lord that I can now do laundry at home. Even though I have to hang it up on the line, at least it won't cost me more for electricity, cause I don't have a dryer. I am feeling so blessed in the midst of the storm. Thank you for your prayers! So you can only guess what I'll be doing tomorrow...LAUNDRY! And I've never been happier to do it!

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Lost:Week--If found please return to owner--she misses it greatly and really needs it back.

Oh man...I missed tackle it Tuesday and wordless Wednesday. Sigh. You ever have one of those days where you start out the week thinking it's Wednesday and by the Thursday you think it's Tuesday? Huh? Yeah...that's where I'm at.
Whatever...I look at my blog and go 'woah, I haven't posted since the 4th of July!'

Well in case anyone is wondering what the heck happened to that resume thing and getting a job goes a little like this. I guess about a week or so ago (cause remember, I lost a week). I came smack face into the reality of the possibility of going to work full time and not being here with my kids. My husband asked if I thought I could handle it? Um...I actually really don't know. I felt like I was galloping along, just about ready to enter the work force when someone yanked the reigns and I stopped dead in my tracks. So my hubby and I have 'hashed it out'. Which is good, it means we came to terms with where we are. His job does not pay the bills. Period. The Lord has opened the door for this job. I have tried and tried to find a better paying job for him, Cause the man is 'supposed' to be the one working , right? Well to no avail, nothing is coming of another job for him. I have to make a definite decision today. I had been waiting for a call for an interview. I got that call the other day, now I will call her today and set up the time and day for the interview.

So here is the thing. For me to be working full time we really need another car. Please pray that this would come. If it is the Lords will then I know he will provide. And while your praying, please pray for our finances because we don't have the money right now to pay our rent and some other bills. (Meaning they are past due) We need some miracles to happen in our lives.
So that's where I am at. I cannot stress too much. Like once or twice a week I hit a stress level but I give it to the Lord and it also helps to verbalize my frustration with a friend. So I guess that is where my week has got lost in the 'What's going on of my life and what should we do?' So I guess you don't need to help me find it. I'll try to hold onto it a little better and take it one day at a time...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Our 4th of July fun!

I had so many pic's I wanted to share..I decided to just do a mini presentation. We really didn't have our plans for the 4th set when we woke up in the morning like I'm sure many people did. Most 'normal' people had planned this day way in advance. Well, we are somewhat abnormal, as anyone who knows us knows! Our eldest was wanting to go to the lake because her friend from church was going. But the lake is a little bit of a drive and with the way our finances are (and the lame-o prices of gas!) we decided not to. But! Don't let that stop this family from having fun! Oh,No! Also...the forecast in our area was for thunderstorms...oooh! Yet the temperature is still in the low 90's..uugh. So I had the idea to put our 'family/kiddie pool' under the car port and swim. We also had a little table top grill and had our own little 'cook out'! It was exciting to swim with it raining and thundering all around! Then we had 4th of July cupcakes...watched firework on t.v. in New York. They actually had rolling dice! Afterward at about 9pm, which is when it is almost dark here (weird, huh?). We all piled in the family van and drove to the parking lot of a Jack-in-the-Box. This is were a friend said is the place to be to watch fireworks! was cool..we were able to watch 2 shows! We told the kids they could sit on top of the van (they did not wiggle and I was close by). It was amazing, the baby just slept patriotically inside the van through it all. And little miss blondie did not like all the booming so she did not last long with bro and sis on top of the van. As soon as the grand finale exploded for one of the shows I anounced that it was time to go. We stopped to pick up vanilla ice-cream on the way home...(yes it was late..uh about 10pm, but it's a holiday)to make home made vanilla shakes. Mmmm...they were good. So once we had the kids good and sugared up and hiped up from the fireworks show...we sent them soundly to bed!
I just love to be creative and think 'out of the box' and make the most memories with what you have. Just because we lack in the monetary area does not mean we can't have fun with our kids and make awesome memories! I hope your 4th was just as memorable and fun as ours!