Friday, March 30, 2007


Hey Y'all, I need to ask for prayer for my mom. She is leaving today from California and she is on her way out here to Texas. She will be stopping to visit my Grandparents (her mom and dad who live about 3 hours from us) on her way.

She will be driving by herself. I know she is capable of driving it but it is such a long way, ya know!

On top of this, her sweet basset hound, Clover, just had to go into the hospital. This caused her time of departure to be delayed and has made leaving more difficult. She is not sure what the result of Clovers' blood test will be. It has also cut her money back that she would have used for the trip.

Pray for angels to surround her her entire trip and for Clovers recovery from whatever is causing her sickness. That God would give her peace and comfort on her journey. And for her finances.

Our whole family is looking forward to her arrival on the 6th of April (and my dad coming the following week for a few days).

We have not seen my family in a year and are anxious for their safe arrival.

Thank you!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sunday, March 25, 2007

A little bragging

This is a bragging post. I realize I have not spoke much about my son. He just turned 7. And he has three lovely sisters surrounding him in age, helping to mold him into a well rounded young man. Well, his sister who is two years older than him has been taking ballet lessons for just about 5 years. When we were living as missionaries in Mexico is when she first started. The picture here is of one of those recitals. Now that we have been stateside, she has been taking a combanation class of ballet/jazz/tapp. Ever since she started, he has wanted to learn to dance as well. She had even tried to teach him a little herself. But back in Mexico it is really not the 'macho' thing to do. So when she signed up for classes here, he followed suit. Their spring recital is coming up. And I just received an e-mail from his teacher. This is what she had to say about him."...By the way, he is doing incredibly well in class - and I love having him there. He is a natural dancer and you should be very proud...."

So can you tell? I am very proud! I am also very proud of his older sister who has inspired him to dance. She is a beautiful dancer. I am very proud of both of them!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Weekend Reflection

Well considering this has been Spring Break and I work for the school district, I was off for the whole week! As you may already know. I must stop and actually ponder my week.

--Hubby worked on garden out front with kids. Eldest daughter (Miss A) planted seeds she bought with her own money.

--My son (Mr. C) had his 7th Birthday on Thursday. I had different plans I was thought about doing but time and money said otherwise and we ended up having it at the park with a bunch of moms and kids from was great!

--My daughter (Miss A) bought my son a Bionicle (Lego made toy) for his birthday with her own money. I just love that my kids learn to save their own money and buy their siblings gifts!

--I aspired to do a lot of cleaning...but got only some done. I will have to be happy with what I accomplished. I did get the kids rooms cleaned and vacuumed. That was no minor feat! I did not do the cleaning...I only guided. There are only two rooms.

--I started walking more and taking the kids on walks more (this includes going to the park). I intend to keep this up for two reasons. 1..because I work full time and some it is good for me and the kids and gives hubby a chance to be at home alone (although he may be cooking dinner at the time) and 2..because at the school district where I work they are having a "Biggest Loser" contest that I joined! Yeah, I can lose weight and win money...I'm not sure which is better? So the extra walking is a needed routine!

--My hubby and I have been spending more quality time together. This has been very good. At the same time it brings things to the surface which is good but can sometimes be painful. But the end result is good.

--Went kite flying for the first time with my kids. Like I said..we are going to make the park a bigger part of our routine.

--I may have finally gotten smell of cat pee (male) out of Mr. C's room! This is a very big thing and my elder female dog has leaking problems when she sleeps too! So these are serious issues, you can understand I'm sure, for those of you with pets. I would keep them out all the time if weather permited. But we let the cat stay in because he is not fixed yet. And let the small dog stay inside because he is old and the biggest dog stay inside at night because we feel safer.

All in all the week has been good. I honestly did plan and want to get more done. But I need to learn to bite things off in small bites. So I will have to pick an evening when the kids are asleep (cause that is when I can be most productive) and pray for energy and tackle one of my projects.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring Break

I am so happy for me that spring break is here! But my poor kiddos still have school such is the life of a homeschooler. Oh the cruelty! Yeah well, when your kids are 'graduating' 6th grade mine will be graduating high school. Right? Ok, Maybe not.
The real reason they are still schooling on vacation is...
1.They need the routine for the sanity of the family
2.My mom is coming out for Easter break from California and we will cancel school for a week to enjoy her visit. We are really looking forward to it since we haven't seen my family in almost a year. My dad might even decide to join her, last minute!

So I am trying to make the most of my week by doing some faux 'spring cleaning' AND do my son's 7th birthday AND enjoy time home with my kids!
Has anyone figured out yet how to get more hours in a day?
I've tried just about everything and staying up late at night doesn't work!

Thursday, March 08, 2007


These are are three of our past parties and it is my decoration for this party! I am also trying to gather my thoughts and creativity to celebrate my son's b-day next week..he'll be 7!

I have been intending to invite you to this party!

Ultimate Blog Party

And I will inroduce myself too and I hope to get to know you more as well.

I have been married for almost 10 years and have 4 children. I had been in Mexico for 12 years as a missionary to the deaf. Which is where I meet my husband (who is hard of hearing himself) We have been off the mission field for about a year now and I have been working full time as an interpreter for the deaf in TX. Looking back over my life I have done so many things that I thought I would never have done or accomlished. Like going to a foreign country without knowing the language or any of the people I'd be working with. Or like now, I never thought that once I had kids that I would be a working mom. As in a 9-5 job and sometimes overtime and my husband staying home and doing the homeschooling, cooking and etc.. But alas it is the season of life we are in. I believe children truly are a blessing from God and I love mine dearly! My blog is usually and mostly about my family and personal experiences and the funny things my kids say and do ... and then some!