Friday, June 05, 2009

The perfect dress!

I have four kids and like any momma, I like to brag on my kids. My eldest just got promoted from 5th to 6th grade. She is no longer an elementary school student. She has begun her journey as a young woman, officially. We went looking for her dress for this special occasion and that itself was quiet the occasion. It was an enjoyable time though. We started at Ross, then Kohl's, and we wandered the mall for a bit. Then we saw Dillards...hmm...they have clearance racks. So we ventured up to the third floor to see what we could find. We knew the right dress would eventually call out to us..and it did. We found this coral beauty and Abby made it shine even more! The whole trying on and helping bring more back and switching clothes on and off the hangers etc...took me back. Back to when my own mom and I went shopping, when we were able to. I grew up in a big family. So when we did go shopping, it was special, and sure enough, Abby let me know that she felt spoiled...good..she should.

p.s. the dress was only an awesome $27. And Abby was so tickled that after we paid, they put it in a plastic bag. It was so exciting to have moved up in the world..she had bought a 'bagged dress'! Love it!

Oh, and just a bit more bragging...she has also got commended scores on all her TAKS (Texas state tests) tests for this year. Which means not only did she pass, but she exceeded expectations. On her last test, science, she ONLY missed one question. Can you see me glowing? I am!