Thursday, November 22, 2007


I am thankful for my wonderful husband who cooked our scrumptious meal today while I cleaned the house. And for my 4 wonderful kids who helped me!
This next part was written by my son. It was from a project at school. It was written on a leaf shaped 'booklet'.

I'm thankful for my family and friends.
I'm thankful for math and writing.
I'm thankful for money to stay in my house.
I'm thankful for my whole family.
Im thankful for my country and city.
I'm thankful for my brothers and sisters in Christ.
I'm thankful for my toys and clothes.
I'm thankful for Texas and the other states.
by C.L.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Have a happy weekend!

Hey Y'all...I sure wish I could stop in more often to post...sigh..but since cleaning house is priority over that and cleaning house has been a challenge...posting has fallen by the wayside.

I have not yet found the 'secret' to maintaining an orderly home, what ever that is! With both my husband and I working and two out of four kids in school...when is there time and/or energy to wash clothes? It always seems like someone is asking at 6:30 in the morning..."Mom, I don't have any socks...where are some socks?" I am ashamed to say I tell them, "If you can't find any then just wear the ones you had on yesterday." In the back of my mind I am hoping that today is not their gym day and they have to take their shoes of and then someone will see that they are wearing dirty socks and I will be found out for being a bad mom cause my childs socks were dirty! That, plus he did not comb his hair today. I think I have a picture or ideal in my mind of how I want my family to be. How we should look and how our home should look...etc. Some of it is realistic expectations and others I think I need to factor in the kids age plus our busy schedual and size of the home (ok and maybe some of our habits). Yeah, I just have to be more realistic. My mom popped my bubble the other day and said, "You realize it is just going to be this way for a few more years." She said this from experience, based on the ages and proximity of my kids. They are ages 9, 7, 4 and 2. You do the math!
On another note! We got our act together and finally got our family picture done! The last picture was taken when we only had two kids. And my mom paid for us to have them done at Sears as a Christmas gift.....Last Year!! Well it was alot of fun. The lady got us in and out of there real quick. I felt like I was being rushed through processing in a factory. But when we sat down to look at the 20 picture after less than 5 minutes of picture taking, I was actually impressed! The one I loved was all of us on the floor. I liked it for myself cause I'm looking up and it hides the 'double chin". and that is a good thing! The one that we are all laughing about and is splitting our the one where she asked if we didn't mind pilling up. So we tried someting new and my husband laid on his belly and she asked me to lay on top of him! Yeah this is something we usually save for the bedroom but, ok. So then she had the two older children on top of us and the youngers down in front. All this needed to be done quick cause the poor man could hardly breath. Afterwards he said he thought someone had kicked him in the side. Which was not possible cause we were all on top of him! Well the following few days proved what had happened as his side was quite sore. We believe he must have fractured or bruised a rib! Not to mention that in the picture it looks like he has a sunburn cause his face is so red. But no worries, he is better now. And of course we order one of those pictures!
Funny kid quote of the 4 year old tells me she "likes her orange juice with no pope!" ummm..translator please!