Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Today is Wednesday! aagh, were are the days going!?

I finally got my laundry done! woohoo! A friend opened up her home (and washer and dryer) to do her laundry there. Yeah we're that broke. Ugh, I don't like writing negative I was just wondering, being a family of six and all. I was thinking about the amount of time it takes to cook for and clean up after everyone. And then there is the rest of the house...I could be (and am) busting my but all day (almost all day) picking up after the rugrats and at the end of the day thee is really nothing to show for it. Ok, so this is life, and it is not going to change anytime soon. So, why clean up? Right? Wrong..I have a few reasons we just have to keep things in some kind of order (even though they don't stay that way).

1...not being able to find clean underwear, so the kids wear them for more than a few days. It turns out they never put them away after being washed!

2...not having a bottle when I need one (no I'm not the one drinking!) Oh, found the bottle under the bed...eeew!

3...just beacuse you can eat a balanced 3 course meal from the food found on the floor does NOT mean you should! Hey, it's the dogs snack...back off baby!


sarahgrace said...

Oh yes, it's bad with two-I can't imagine four! WoW!
As always, a little humor helps ; )

Looney Mom said...

It sounds like you and I are in the same boat Sister... except my baby is now 5 - not really any easier.

We are a family of 6 currently - downsized from a family of 8 in a 3 bedroom house, puny kitchen, NO den/extra living space. My "laundry room" is overflowing.

I totally understand the need for a "negative" post every now and then - it's just life and it ain't always sunshine.

I hope your day gets better.

Come by and visit me any time!

Michelle said...

Hi Kelly!
Man, I hear you! Our days are going fast here too . . . had a good (BAD) bout of the stomach flu.
Honey's busy at a job too. *sigh*
well, just want to know I care and wanted to check in on ya.

Yellow Mama said...'s

Yellow Mama said...


When my 16 year old was about 2, we were in the hospital cafeteria because my Mom had had a stroke. We were not paying attention when she came up eating french fries. It took us a while to realize we had just purchased drinks. EEuuww..

peaceMkR said...

I remember those days well...and there's nothing wrong with venting about it...though if this humour is your negative, can't wait to see your positive!
Wanted to say thank you for stopping by and posting on's fun when I see a new name..I get all giddy. Seriously...I need a life!

Mugwumpmom (Rena)