Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I am hearing the Hallelujah chorus of "Handel's Messiah"! Why? Because, I have accomplished so very much today, in spite of my slacker-disorganized-4kidsdriving me crazy-need coffee condition that I am in! I really wish I had taken a picture of before and after. I did not know about the Tackle it Tuesday, but I am SO signing up! There are still areas to be tackled, don't worry. You may yet get a peak inside the "House of Horrors!" Ok, I have to confess yet again that my hubby came to my rescue. And really the driving force behind me getting so much accomplished today was the fact that I was supposed to have a Usborne books home show today at my house. But guess what? No one showed! Isn't that awful! Well it was not a complete loss. NO! Cause it pushed my buns into action. So about my hubby, after work he helped finish the kids room. Well we were pressing for time. So while I was washing my hair in the kitchen sink, he was literally raking with his hands all the stuff that was on the floor. (yeah I think that may be cheating but it got the job done for the moment). He put it in a box for me to go through tommorrow...hee..hee! Maybe I'll just save those for next Tckle it Tuesday! Sounds good to me...there go those slacker tendencies. To bad no one is perfect. Well because I am motivated visually, being able to see the floor really helps me to do so much more!
Oooh, I also want to mention that my Usborne e-show will stay open for another week. So ya'll may visit and buy any time you like!


Michelle said...

OK, my dear friend, but just remember that Tackle it Tuesday does not mean (as I leared today) that you Tackle it ON Tuesday! NO! This is ANTI-procrastination, you do it BEFORE Tuesday and then post your before and after pictures on tuesday. I thought you'd get a kick from this one!

kellygirl said...

Oh, darn it! Well at least it gives me more time! Thanks for the info. So much to tackle , so little time.