Sunday, June 18, 2006

Now you see it...Now you don't!

I am realizing that I either don't have an exciting enough life to blog often enough or I am too darn busy to be able to post a blog. Oh, how I want to post more often and to make my blog-site more purty, but alas, I am "over my head"! here it is! My eldest daughter 'sal' and I have discussed her getting her hair cut and donating her hair more than a year ago. Well the other day we saw a post about a girl who had donated her hair to Locks of Love . So, we did it! Ok, she did it! As a mom I feel it is one of the most noble things a child can do. I am very proud of her. It has been way too hot here anyway (it has been in the 90's consistently for too long) And the haircut was free at Fantastic Sam's, because it was donated! Cool, huh? Personally, I think the short hair makes her look so mature, but she's only 8. They cut a whole 10 inches! She has decided to do this every summer. Let it grow long in the winter and cut it short and donate it in the summer. I think I have been just as excited as she has been about the whole thing.
Well we also had my husband and my son's hair cut at the same time. My son who is 6 does not want to spike his hair or comb it to the side. He wants it short and combed straight forward. That kind of Cesar looking style...uugh! I cannot convince him or bribe him otherwise, darn it! I thought my 2 1/2 year old would fuss and want to get hers cut too. But she didn't say anything. Maybe the bowl of lolipops kept her occupied. My son and her promptly finagled one from the lady at the counter. Anyway it finally happened. She had been internalizing her desire for a hair cut. Today she did it...'the chop' ..... herself! She has such pretty blond curly hair and she wacked off a good chunk just above her bangs! She has left remaining a tiny, very tiny bit of bangs left, so I will attempt a 'comb over/back' for how many weeks?! So the really bad thing about it was that I was only about a foot or so away when it happened! Where the heck was I?! Now I know this has not happened to any of you moms! I was so...'Oh My Gosh, Oh Honey, What! Why?!' and she was so' I'm sorry mommy'.......Sigh.....'I forgive you sweetie'.... So, almost everyone in the family got haircuts this weekend some good, some bad and some ugly...hee..hee...not really, they are all beauties!


MugwumpMom said...

Oh yeah...remember that one well. Both my kids took scissors to their own hair..only only need one hair disaster to curb the desire. What a wonderful thing your daughter did with donating hers. Great idea.

sarahgrace said...

It sounds like the fascination with ones hair starts very early for girls! I know I cut my own hair, and definitely experimented with my sisters....hee hee hee (well, I laugh about it now...)

Michelle said...

Virginia and I have read your blog together, and we are both laughing!!! OH man! Where is the picture of Cal? Where is the picture of Alice (as in disney! as if I'd give up that hope!) And I do think your posts are great and your life exciting. Anyway as my mom pointed out THESE ARE OUR BABY BOOKS to keep all these precious moments in while they grow up!

Dionna Sanchez said...

Oh! I didn't get to your blog sooner but I'm so glad I got to see your daughter's haircut! I am so touched and proud that my daughter inspired your daughter in this way. I will read her your note and show her your daughter's picture tonight.
Our children have great big hearts, don't they? They can teach us so much.