Monday, July 24, 2006

Ah, the sweet innocence!

It has been so very very hot here! It is starting to cool down, it is a nice 93 now! Yeah, I know...but that is better than last week which got up to 110! And...our central ac has not been working properly, but that would be another blog topic all together.
So, it has been so very hot and our family is getting ready to head out of the house the other day. But daddy needs to get a quick shower before we leave. Well I mentioned that I needed one too, cause of all the excess sweating! And I said (with kids around-just to see their reaction), "well maybe we can both get our shower at the same time!"....." that would be ok, wouldn't it?" I asked. Well my 6 year old son seemed to think that would be ok. But then again he is also the one who streeeeks from bathroom to bedroom (they are like 5 ft apart). Covering only the vitals with his cupped hands. Well he will also walk the house looking for me, doing the same thing, just to ask me where his underwear are. So maybe his opinion is null.....? But My 8 year old said "NO!" ....."It would not be OK to shower together!" So I asked her why....."because everyone know that boys and girls don't shower together." I guess all I can say is...I taught her well. We will just cross the 'other' bridge when we get to it. Cause ...honey, you wouldn't be here if we didn't do just that from time to time!


Rebekah said...

That is just too funny! I never came close to having any kind of intimate conversation with my mother...when I returned from my honeymoon I was describing the cabin (which they had graciously rented for us as a wedding gift) and mentioned it had a clear glass shower. She asked if my husband and I took a shower together! My.jaw.dropped!!! Of course, we had - but I'd never had that kind of "personal" conversation with her before. It was very awkward! Funny to talk about now though!

sarahgrace said...

Hee hee hee. What would we do without the shower?
My mother and I are so open about that type of thing, that she suggested a double-headed shower and a large bath tub were necessary items for any married couple. Hee hee (I tend to agree...) ; )

MugwumpMom said...

LOL...chuckling. Your daughter is too wise.
Hope you managed to cool down in the shower. Wink wink nudge nudge.

Yellow Mama said...

You are right to not go there yet. I've got a seven year old streaker who thinks we are PG13 when we kiss...He told us one day to "get a room"...where did he hear that? Makes you wonder.

kellygirl said...

All my kids say EEEW! When we kiss or if they see it on t.v.....yeah I think we are pg13 too. Ah the sweet innocence! They would DIE if they knew we were actually rated R!