Saturday, July 08, 2006


Lost:Week--If found please return to owner--she misses it greatly and really needs it back.

Oh man...I missed tackle it Tuesday and wordless Wednesday. Sigh. You ever have one of those days where you start out the week thinking it's Wednesday and by the Thursday you think it's Tuesday? Huh? Yeah...that's where I'm at.
Whatever...I look at my blog and go 'woah, I haven't posted since the 4th of July!'

Well in case anyone is wondering what the heck happened to that resume thing and getting a job goes a little like this. I guess about a week or so ago (cause remember, I lost a week). I came smack face into the reality of the possibility of going to work full time and not being here with my kids. My husband asked if I thought I could handle it? Um...I actually really don't know. I felt like I was galloping along, just about ready to enter the work force when someone yanked the reigns and I stopped dead in my tracks. So my hubby and I have 'hashed it out'. Which is good, it means we came to terms with where we are. His job does not pay the bills. Period. The Lord has opened the door for this job. I have tried and tried to find a better paying job for him, Cause the man is 'supposed' to be the one working , right? Well to no avail, nothing is coming of another job for him. I have to make a definite decision today. I had been waiting for a call for an interview. I got that call the other day, now I will call her today and set up the time and day for the interview.

So here is the thing. For me to be working full time we really need another car. Please pray that this would come. If it is the Lords will then I know he will provide. And while your praying, please pray for our finances because we don't have the money right now to pay our rent and some other bills. (Meaning they are past due) We need some miracles to happen in our lives.
So that's where I am at. I cannot stress too much. Like once or twice a week I hit a stress level but I give it to the Lord and it also helps to verbalize my frustration with a friend. So I guess that is where my week has got lost in the 'What's going on of my life and what should we do?' So I guess you don't need to help me find it. I'll try to hold onto it a little better and take it one day at a time...


One Sided said...

Blessed Father, here the cries of your child. Father I pray for thie family, I as that they be given Your Peace, for you Father are not the creator of stress or confusion. I Pray Father for wisdom, for so very often the obivious is not the answer. I pray that this family be united, in the direction they are to take, that they call upon each other for strength and provide first support for the other.
Loed you know to well the struggles of this world, you are already aware of the needs of this family. Father I ask that you show them in an undeniable way, the path you would have them take, so that they are in your will as walk through this valley.
In the the name of your Son Jesus

kellygirl said...

Thank You so much for your prayers

MugwumpMom said...

Am praying. Any updates that we can continue praying about?

Michelle said...

Well, Kelly . . . . MAN!
I lose weeks all the time. Blogging helps in that its like footprints I can look back on and mark my passage . . you know. I can't wait until the weeks go by and suddenly you look back on this blog and are like "WOW, did you see how God answered that?!"
It's going to be cool!
My prayers, in your corner, you know you don't even need to ask.

Looney Mom said...

I guess I'm with you... lost. I am just now catching up... And let me/us know how things are going. Praying for you.

kellygirl said...

God is good! I received in the mail, 1/2 the money needed for the rent. Wonderful! I stand and believe for the rest plus more to cover the other utilities and bills. I am hoping to get the call tommorrow (fri) for the interview for the interpreting job. One major prayer is that we need another car. I need a car to use for work and Ralph needs the van in being home with the kids. Thank you so very much. Oh, another prayer is our a.c. unit in the house has not been working. It has been in the hi 90's and low 100's here. The propert mgr. has not been properly fixing the problem. I know this because a Christian a.c. repair mann from our church does pro-bono work and has looked at it. Pray that it will get fixed this time. The propert mgr. does not want to put any money in it to fix it. Not good....but God is!

sarahgrace said...

Kelly- praying that all your needs will be more than adequately met!
I know how you feel about your week...happens to me quite a bit.