Sunday, August 06, 2006

sahm I am!

I have had such a time at making that final decision of being at home with my kids and homeschooling or going to work as an interpreter and taking kids with me to work. As I have mentioned somewhere in a previous post, we really, really need a financial breakthrough. I figured that me going to work was the answer. All seemed like it was going well but my heart just was not at peace. I am the kind of gal that will just do what needs to be done. But I knew that my husband and I where not in complete agreement. For me, that is really important. He would be staying home with the two younger ones but it was still a difficult choice. He has been looking for another job, but because he is hard of hearing it does limit some of the jobs he can get. He is a very capable and quick learner and eager. But I know that people in general don't know how to accept or respond to someone who is different. I wonder if it has affected him getting a better job. So this is why I was going for a job. But In the process of witing to be hired I decided to turn it down. And when I called it turned out the only position they had anyways was going to be farther out. I had already decided that if it was any farther than where it was then I would not be taking the job. So it was a real confirmation.
So my husband and I are really at peace with the decision that we've made and I will again be homeschooling my kids this year. My eldest is entering 3rd grade and her younger bro is beginning 1st. They have 2 younger sisters, ages 3 and 1. So it will be a little bit of a challenge with all 4 plus the house and all that comes along with it. So we still desire your prayers in the area of hubby's job situation and our home life/school. Well I guess that we be like all aspects....I must say that all this has really drawn me closer to the face of the Lord and given me a hunger to know Him more and build more my relationship with Him.


MugwumpMom said...

Wow, congratulations and so glad you have your answer. Yes, you'll be in my prayers for His provision in your life and for your growth in Him..and your kids growth too!
Way to go.


Looney Mom said...

It seems like such a hard decision, but God is faithful to lead us where He wants us and give us that peace. He will bless your decision. Good for you.

Anonymous said...

Kelly finally got my computer back up and running. I know the Lord has awesome things for you and your husband. Your children are such a joy and the beauty of the Lord's creation in each one.

Praying for a job for your husband and one that will meet all of your needs.
cindy and krystal

sarahgrace said...

Good for you for listenin' to God. I had a similar situation come up, where I had a job opportunity, and it just wasn't right, and I wasn't at peace about it, and hubby and I weren't on the same page no job for me. But I know I made the right decision, and I feel good about that. You will continue to be in my prayers.