Thursday, September 07, 2006

Cause I'm freeee...I'm Freecyclin'!

I have got to share information. When you find something good it is nice to share. I moved to Texas as ya'll know and in the moving process there are things that are sold or left behind and consequently are needed after arrival but are obviously done without.
Well I had someone tell me to check a website called and well, I did. And on there you look up your State and then city etc. You can then join the group and enjoy. What is it about? Well this is just it in a nutshell. It is to post an offer of something you are getting rid of or to post something you are looking for. The main purpose is to keep a lot of useful things out of the landfill and dumps. Many time we need or want to get rid of something but don't know who to give it to or how to dispose of it.
I want to tell you that this has been an AWESOME blessing to us!
We have acquired things big and small i.e.
woman's mountain bike
sewing machine
material, yarn, beads
11 boxes of books
swim diapers
ok, you get my point!
Now mind you...the condition of the item you pick up maybe gently used or extremely used. When you respond to someones offer you are accepting it 'as is'.
The bike I just got needs a little work and the swingset is really old but both are working fine after a little TLC.
Yes..we all work a better with a little TLC!
And that means "Tender Loving Care".....not 'The Learning Channel'!
Which I love to watch....well that's just way off the subject....
So go check out your local freecycle group! Don't delay, use it to receive and to give away!!


Yellow Mama said...

You are so right. Just got on freecycle...haven't pick up anything yet, but it is a GREAT idea.


Michelle said...

Hey there! So that title was pretty cool too! I loved that you shared this! Oh and for a good laugh go see boomama if you haven't already today (Sep 8)
(oh and SEE people are waiting to hear from you!)