Monday, September 25, 2006

Will work for coffee!!

Don't you love at the end of the day when the house is quiet and serene. Knowing that that the little monkeys are securely tied in their beds, oops....I mean tucked in their beds. And you can finally spend time with the one you have missed most all day...your computer! (yes I am kiding!) You can blog to your hearts content and you can chat with a friend who is far from you but close to your heart. You can make silly videos of you and your hubby and be thinking "if only I really looked that good". And then when you finally do lay yourself down to get some shuteye, ( it may be close to 2am) the baby inevitably starts to fuss and cry. You bring her to bed to try and nurse her quickly back to sleep and an hour or so later find you are still doing the same thing and she has done a few exersize routines in that time. So you take yourself and baby to the living room, thinking a change of scenery might help. It doesn't. And a hour or so later..who can tell? The 3 year old comes to join the both of you on the recliner. Well this disturbs the littlest one and you can't tell and don't seem to care because you are not really asleep or awake. Finally you are able to put the 3 year old on the floor because she went to sleep easily unlike other one who is teething her molars (not me!) And fianlly figure out to make a bottle for the babe (who is actually 15 months). But realizing we are out of milk, decide to make her some chamomile tea with half and half ( because we cannot run out of half and half, cause we need it for the coffee, and we can't drink coffee without it, and we need coffee!...for night like the afore mentioned). So! She finally begins to sleep and so nicely do you too..........then, the other two monkeys (ages 8 and 6) wake up early at around 6:30 or 7 (who knows?) And they are hungry? And they want to watch tv? (on a school morning?) Whatever...go eat whatever is in the fridge or cereal or chocolate and yeah watch whatever is on tv, hey and start some coffee while you're in the kitchen, ok honey? But whatever you do...Don't...Wake...Mommy!
Does any of this sound familiar?
Yeah, I had ones of those night/mornings too and am just now recovering from it!

Sorry, my links are not working :( but I'll try to get them fixed....You know who you are...friend!


Michelle said...

OH, Kelly, I am so sorry for you! I have HAD one of those nights before! UGH! Infact just last night Andrew kept waking crying like soemthing was wrong, no fever, no bug bite nothing, just cryuing like crazy. I'm a little impaired today cause of it. But we are all at nap time. You know this is where I "nap".
OH, and the link to :-) *me* has this in front "" so it "can't be found"
But I got the hug anyway!

MugwumpMom said...

That pic of the kids sleeping is adorable! Must say it was over 17 years ago that I had a sleepless night like that...unless you count pacing for them to come home before 3 am! It gets easier..or so I'm told

kellygirl said...

Yes it does count when you have teenagers. I did that to my mom :(
I tried to fix my links and it is just not working so you can link to my 'friend' Michelle via her comment :)