Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Joy

This Christmas went well, in spite of it being the first Christmas that we have not been with my family in California. It has been the most difficult on the kids. It has been almost a year since we moved to Texas and the change has been a challenge for us all. The kids still ask about going back to Mexico and see our friends and see Grandma and Grandpa in CA. Sigh...Lord willing we will see them soon. Grandpa and Grandma may be coming in the spring.

One of the most precious treasures I had this Christmas, I received Christmas night.....
We took a drive around town that night to look at all the pretty lights that were up in the neighborhood. In between the ooh and aahs, we had a very meaningful conversation with our two eldest children. It went something like this....

As we looked at the big beautiful homes with their elaborate light decorations, I thought out loud..."I wouldn't mind living there, what a beautiful home".

Well my daughter responded with, "Yeah, when I grow up I'd like to have a home like that, but, I probably will never be able to afford it".

This launched us into a conversation about education, jobs and life in general.
I realize as I share this with the blog community that some of you have children and understand that wonderfulness of a opportunity like this. We got to talking about 'what I want to be when I grow up' and 'what I enjoy doing now and how that can become my future job'. You see, what struck me the most are the ages of my two eldest. My daughter is eight and my son is six. Yet he tells me that when he is a teenager he wants to go to college and learn about math and when he gets 'taller', he wants to be a math teacher. It is true...he has a head for math, just like his Daddy. My daughter says she wants to be a designer, either clothes or interior decorating. Hmm..., when I was did I. She has an eye and nack for detail. We both do, sometimes to a fault...but thats beside the point.

As we drove around I just basked in the wonderfulness of our conversation as we talked about ambitions and being able to do anything you want to do. As long as you set your mind and heart to it. As long as it is something you love and enjoy. And yet it will still take perseverance. There will be extremely hard times and lean times. But if you keep on, keeping on then you will arrive at the goal you aimed for. As I think about it. It is something that my husband and I and our family are working on even at this time. That evening ended with a sense of purpose for the future, for them and for me.

What I love is that we home school and they can do more if they would like or learn about something that interests them whenever they like (not to say that if you don't home school you can't do that). It is a freedom that my husband took advantage of as he asked them on Christmas morning and again the day after Christmas...."Hey, after we have breakfast we'll get ready for school, ok?"....
Without blinking or looking up from what they were doing, they both responded..."Ok".
Well, they do get a break and they are excited about it. But they did confess that they miss school, are my kids abnormal?...nah!

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Michelle said...

you have a batch of realist! "won't be able to afford it."
That is just too much! And C saying when he is "taller"! Excelent!
Fun joy, that's for sure!