Sunday, March 25, 2007

A little bragging

This is a bragging post. I realize I have not spoke much about my son. He just turned 7. And he has three lovely sisters surrounding him in age, helping to mold him into a well rounded young man. Well, his sister who is two years older than him has been taking ballet lessons for just about 5 years. When we were living as missionaries in Mexico is when she first started. The picture here is of one of those recitals. Now that we have been stateside, she has been taking a combanation class of ballet/jazz/tapp. Ever since she started, he has wanted to learn to dance as well. She had even tried to teach him a little herself. But back in Mexico it is really not the 'macho' thing to do. So when she signed up for classes here, he followed suit. Their spring recital is coming up. And I just received an e-mail from his teacher. This is what she had to say about him."...By the way, he is doing incredibly well in class - and I love having him there. He is a natural dancer and you should be very proud...."

So can you tell? I am very proud! I am also very proud of his older sister who has inspired him to dance. She is a beautiful dancer. I am very proud of both of them!

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Michelle said...

I think that is cool! I can just see Mr.Man getting jiggy with it! Hubby and I were talking thinking that perhaps Karate is more my little miss's talant . . .well she has her first performance in June, so we will see.