Thursday, March 08, 2007


These are are three of our past parties and it is my decoration for this party! I am also trying to gather my thoughts and creativity to celebrate my son's b-day next week..he'll be 7!

I have been intending to invite you to this party!

Ultimate Blog Party

And I will inroduce myself too and I hope to get to know you more as well.

I have been married for almost 10 years and have 4 children. I had been in Mexico for 12 years as a missionary to the deaf. Which is where I meet my husband (who is hard of hearing himself) We have been off the mission field for about a year now and I have been working full time as an interpreter for the deaf in TX. Looking back over my life I have done so many things that I thought I would never have done or accomlished. Like going to a foreign country without knowing the language or any of the people I'd be working with. Or like now, I never thought that once I had kids that I would be a working mom. As in a 9-5 job and sometimes overtime and my husband staying home and doing the homeschooling, cooking and etc.. But alas it is the season of life we are in. I believe children truly are a blessing from God and I love mine dearly! My blog is usually and mostly about my family and personal experiences and the funny things my kids say and do ... and then some!


Breeni said...

Hi! We have a lot in common. I'm also the breadwinner while my husband is a work-at-home home schooling dad. It's not easy, but well worth it! Nice to meet you!

Israel said...

You said you were in Mexico so you probably speak Spanish, so could you tell me what does "in over my head" mean? or explain it a little bit :D
Thanks in advance, have a nice day.

Michelle said...

The party was CRAZY wasn't it!? Did you see all the people that signed up?!!??!

Oh and by the way . . my friend from Chaotic Home is moving to Tx soon with her two boys with cocular implants. I told her about you if she is going to be in the area . . we'll see. Anyway. We will party on!