Friday, March 30, 2007


Hey Y'all, I need to ask for prayer for my mom. She is leaving today from California and she is on her way out here to Texas. She will be stopping to visit my Grandparents (her mom and dad who live about 3 hours from us) on her way.

She will be driving by herself. I know she is capable of driving it but it is such a long way, ya know!

On top of this, her sweet basset hound, Clover, just had to go into the hospital. This caused her time of departure to be delayed and has made leaving more difficult. She is not sure what the result of Clovers' blood test will be. It has also cut her money back that she would have used for the trip.

Pray for angels to surround her her entire trip and for Clovers recovery from whatever is causing her sickness. That God would give her peace and comfort on her journey. And for her finances.

Our whole family is looking forward to her arrival on the 6th of April (and my dad coming the following week for a few days).

We have not seen my family in a year and are anxious for their safe arrival.

Thank you!!

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Michelle said...

Oh my . . . yes, covered in prayer.