Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Buzz!

My husband and I have arrived at a new level in our marriage. I am not sure if it is a step up or down....maybe it is sideways!
Over the years (almost 10!) I have offered to help my husband out by cutting his hair. I do not have any formal training. Just being witness to my mom buzzing my 5 younger brothers hair. That counts for something...I was an accomplice?
Well he has ALWAYS said "NO WAY!" In order to preserve our marriage, he would not let me touch his hair!
Well he came to the place where he did not want to spend the money on the haircut ($8-$10+tip). You know when you get to the bottom of the barrel, $10 is alot of mulla.
So he got out his beard trimmer he uses for his goatie and put it to his head!
Aaah!! I told him if he's gonna do that..please let me help!
So I gave him what we affectionately call, the "Lonnie" cut. It is your basic buzz. But it has been named after a friend. I'm sure he'll be honored...maybe?
I spent a long time buzzing, trying to get it just right. But in the end it looked like I spent less than 5 minutes! Then our son decided it was 'Awesome' and he wanted a buzz like Daddy! I was feeling pretty proud of my guys...they looked real good with some gel in there hair...real stylin'!

Oh, and by the way....our marriage is doing great!

And our pocket book doesn't get thinner!


Michelle said...

Here is Lonnie
Here is a modeling of the hair cut . . the buzz
Here is a man honored to have a hair style named after himself!
That's awsome!

Anonymous said...

I've been cutting my husband's hair for years now. We're still married, even though one time I forgot to put the guard on the razor and gave him a scalper of a hair cut! It sure does help the budget.

kellygirl said...

Yeah, I was so worried that I would do something like that! But when he took the razor to his head, he started right in the front by the forehead! Not the best place to begin, ya know?!

Michelle said...

I've tagged you!