Saturday, June 23, 2007

Some thoughts

Recently I have been talking with either a family member or friend about marital problems. Not mine though. I have just been thinking about how so many people see divorce as an option. That if there was just some way for people to see that marriage is not the wedding and you're done. But that it is a whole new beginning. And it is actually one of the biggest challenges of your life!
I have come from a broken home and know the pain of it. I have also seen strife in the home from discontented Christians. Unfortunately there is no magic potion or easy answers. It just starts with making priorities, and interestingly enough, your spouse is one of them. I am saying all this, I guess mostly to remind myself I suppose. That today I need to take the time and tell my 'Man' that I love him. But to not only say it But to also show it through my actions throughout the day.

Reminder to self...go tell him!


Laurel Wreath said...

My first thought is maybe the Lord is leading these people into your life because of your past, you have a ministry there.

Marriage is HARD there is no question about it. Also, what I have learned it is not a feeling (well not all the time). It is a commitment. The feelings will come when you honor that commitment.

Great meditation. Think I am going to go hug my spouse.

Michelle said...

so . . .did you tell him?

dcrmom said...

Great comments. It's a choice, every day, isn't it?

Cmommy said...

It is hard to believe that marriage will be challenging when the glitter from the wedding veil is still falling in your eyes :-)

I'm discovering that every 5 years, or so, brings a new set of life situations which must be navigated. If our spiritual lives have been given a lower place on the list of priorities, we meet these challenges from a wrong perspective. The world has become a 'throw-away' society and this has filtered down to marriage as well. I've recently committed to praying more for my marriage~~I don't want to be on the losing end of a statistic!