Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Thank you for your prayers

I will say that there is quiet a need for prayer for the deaf community in general.
Lonnie and Michelle (who work with Carlos and Virginia) have also been hit. As I am typing this there has already been an improvement in their situation, but still need your prayers.
Lonnie has been on dialysis for some time now but his situation may be getting more serious and he may need to change the type of treatment he is receiving. But just before Christmas he got admitted to the hospital for pnemonia and his little boy (about 3 months old) also has pnemonia. At this time though, he is back home in Mexico with his family and he and the baby are doing better, just taking medicine and getting rest.
Please be praying for Michelle, she has been taking on alot herself. Not only the care of her family but also now that Virginia is in the hospital she has been taking on her responsibilities.
She needs strength and alot of rest and wisdom.
We love you Michelle.

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Michelle said...

Thank you
for everything!