Monday, May 04, 2009

Buddy! our little angel...

Since the loss of our two four legged family members, we were wanting to adopt another dog into our family. Well, it turns out that he found us. We found Buddy on the side of our house one afternoon, shaking like a leaf. he was filthy and flea ridden. We took him inside and gave him a bath and cleaned him up. We took him to the vet to check for a chip. We did the necessary checking to see if someone had lost him. But after sufficient time, we claimed him as ours. He has been the most perfect dog. It seems almost too perfect. We love him with all our hearts, which has been very healing for us after the loss of the others. When Ralph goes to pick up the kids from school, he goes along for the ride. When we go to Sweetwater to visit my Grandma and Aunt, he goes. I love that he is 'portable' and that he travels well. I think it is so sweet that he follows my husband around the house and sits at his feet and sleeps by my side of the bed. I think the one thing that I really love most....he doesn't shed! Because he has some poodle in him...poodles don't shed. Thank you knew exactly what we needed and wanted.

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