Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Gardening?...gotta put on my green thumb first!

Well..I have always dreamed of having a garden. But just because it is something I have dreamed of doesn't mean I will turn into Martha Stewart! I know that I must first have a plan..a good one. I can't just say, well this is a good time to plant such and such...because I don't know yet what that 'such' is yet. I feel so green about gardening that I wish I could apply my 'greenness' to the process and have it work it's emerald magic!
My sweet dear husband has been doing his magic though. He has been getting the compost set up and helping me plot the garden. He has a compost book that I have dubbed his 'compost bible'. I have my books for me to build my knowledge on and fall back on. I just hope they are strong enough to support my ignorance!
I plan to post pictures of the progress..it should be a fun journey. It will hopefully also help me to stay encouraged and keep going.
So I will call this...post #1 of my Garden Adventure! Join me in the ride!


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Briana said...

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kellygirl said...

Thanks for being by my side for so long Mish...even from so far! Miss you!