Saturday, May 13, 2006

New Day!

Well, today is a new day....and...It's Mother's Day. So in honor of "us" I think we should start the day out right, with a clean slate. I begin by forgiving myself of any mistakes I've made or thought that I made.... they probably weren't real mistakes, just being to hard on myself. I don't think I stand alone when I wonder if some of the things I've said, done, thought,decided, verbalized...etc. Have ruined my childrens lives for good. That they will never be able to grow up into self respecting citizens because I wouldn't let Sally go play 10 more minutes with Suzie her bestest of best friends. Oh, mercy! But then a miracle happens and next thing you know..our children love us. Why? How? When did this happen? I thought you were mad at me? Well Mommies of the world, I believe there is something ingrained into our children that even they don't know how it got there. it is a mystical, magical, misterious's called...LOVE! And you wanna' know something? You know where they got it from? YOU! You are doing a terrific job! Cause I know I have made many mistakes and my children amazingly still love me...the same as I still love my mom, even if she does burn dinner sometimes (hey I like cajun!) So celebrate today, celebrate your children! Because without them, you would not be were you are today! A MOMMY!


Yellow Mama said...

Good thoughts. Having a 19 year old, a 16 year old and a 6 year old, I DEFINATELY know the feeling of "have I ruined my child's life". I've looked at myself and thought "how could we have not seen that coming?" But by God's grace and lots of trust and prayer, He's honored each His time...that's the tough thing to do...wait. Happy Mother's day kind of late!

kellygirl said...

One thing that I'm afraid of is them making some of the mistakes i made...I pray.."oh God, please teach me to know how to teach them, how to give them the tools they need for life. But God, help me have mercy on them and forgive them. Just like my parents did and you did for me" I had wonderful parents that raised me well. But I still wanted to trickle my toes in the "wordly water". The I do believe is as like you said. Prayer. I know my mom was praying for me alot and has gotten me to where I am now. That encourages me to do the same with my children.