Sunday, May 14, 2006

Oh Happy Mothers Day to Me...Happy Mothers Day to Me..La..La..La..La..La..LaHappy Mothers Day to Me! Today was good. We went to church this morning and afterwards MY family (3 Princess', 1Prince and my Hubby) took me to lunch at a Chinese Buffet. Yum, what is it about free refills and all-you-can-eat places that make you throw inhibitions to the wind? Well, I didn't do too bad. You really can't eat too much when there are 4 other birdies with their mouths open. Although the 2 oldest are 8 and 6, so I tried to let them do their own "hunting" for foods they liked at the warmers, that was interesting.Then my sweet family took me to a lake nearby, or as my 2 1/2 called it a "big bathtub". It was a murky bathtub. This was my kids first time going to a lake and my son was nervous at first cause he thought there might be sharks. they think there are sharks in the really big murky bathtub. Hey, they're kids, that's what makes them so special, the simple way they see things and the funny things that they say. So because it was a surprise I went in with my shorts, my eldest daughter urged me and egged my on. She wanted me to come in cause it was for me. So I went. For the littlest ones we tossed the swelled up diapers onto the shore and went in with just little shorts or the baby with just her summer dress. It was a fun family adventure, it felt spontaneous, (to me anyway) cause I didn't help plan anything. To me a perfect Mothers Day is a day spent with those who helped put you into the create you...The Mommy! The picture I am sharing is actualy from Easter. As a friend of mine said, "they look like angels" and I couldn't agree more! Happy Mothers Day to all of you!

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Michelle said...

LOL! Sounds like a wonderful blessing of a day for you!

Big bath tub - sharks! HE HE HE - well got to go to bed! Blessing on ya!