Friday, May 05, 2006

On becoming a woman

As woman there are many mile markers in our lives. When we "hit" puberty, or rather it hits us. Then again at sweet sixteen. And for some when we become 21 it is our first "legal" opportunity to become inebriated. When those that have chosen to join in holy matrimony say "I do", they usually don't realize what they "did" till later. Then of course when babies come there's no turning back or looking back actually, cause life will fly by in a matter of years.
I myself have recently hit a mile marker and feel I am more officially a woman. Here I am on the doorstep of turning 32 and I have 4 children and am happily married these almost nine years, and am only now "becoming a woman".
How has that happened? You say. Well we just moved to Texas for my huband to finish seminary after more than a decade on the mission field. WOW, decade sounds so long! And we are renting our first house together, well as a understand. It is the first time I have been able to make our home our home. So I realized that I am experience what a lot of woman may take for granted. Closets...oooh! get to vacuum! And my personal favorite...the tub!Aaaah! Calgon take me away! It also made me realize that there maybe other woman who are late bloomers too. and that's ok...cause so am I.


Michelle said...

Hello lady friend!
So, I am just wondering exactly how late you stayed up making this blog and then writing in it! I am happy to find a place where I can "visit" you anytime, and was really hoping you'd blog. You might me interested in checking out Two of her boys have coclular inplants (how is that spelled) anyway, YEAH to you for your passage to the "real world"

kellygirl said...

I stay up way too late...too often. It is the only time a momma of four can get some quiet time. 'Cause one knows that you can't hardly make it to the potty without followers or some minor emergency happening while you're there in the "throne room". Tell me it's not true. I think this whole blogging thing is very nice although I am new to it. I tried out my space but never finished setting it up. Maybe I'll fimish it later, we'll see. This seems so much more simple. So I already bloggd you..on you site. If that is how you say it. I checked out that lady's, she has her hands full. They sound like really neat little boys too. Well happy blogging and I'll try and go to sleep now. I'm going to go read Captivating, Great book! It's about being a woman. It is by the same author/authors as Wild at Heart. But it is for woman. Nuf said.

Rachel said...

Great for you! I like your blog!