Sunday, May 07, 2006


So this morning Ralph (hubby) took all the clothes to the laundramat..sp?. He did this before church at 10. Well my little superhero who is 6, was up at 7:20 and had some granola too. All the girls were still sleeping beauties at this time. I thought this could be one of those father-son bonding experiences. So I asked my boy,"would you like to go with Daddy?" He replied most sincerely, "No' I can't." This puzzled me because he had no reason not to go, that I could think of. So I asked "Why can't you go?" and hs honest reply was, "'cause, I won't behave." Somehow that honesty erased, in advance any shannigans that he would pull that day. Well, he did end up going and strangely enough he did behave. I say strange because he does tend to misbehave (as most boys tend towards) and also because he just knew he would and then didn't. I am wondering if the confession prior to the opportunity to misbehave helped. I wonder if that would work with grown ups? Hmmm... Just a thought.


leslie said...

Kelly revision my blogsite is runningonfaithcausegasishigh

Michelle said...

LOL that is absoulutly hillarious! I think I will try that . . . um, you know what, I think I just might be too good at saying no anyway. Still, love what kiddos have to say!