Monday, May 08, 2006

Simple Things

I am amazed at how kids find so much joy in the simple things in life. Like my son's birthday when we took him to a botanical garden and a free art museum along with his sisters for his birthday. It was a simple day...we did not have the resources to make a big birthday for him. But that was ok. What blessed me the most was at the end of the day he exclaimed that that was the best day he'd ever had! Wow! I would have thought that any normal 6 year old would have been bored out of his gourd looking at flowers, plants and old paintings. But what made it special was that he knew it was "his" day. We were celebrating "him" that day, and we were together as a family. The same goes for my Angellina Ballerina on her birthday (8) just recently, she went to the park with some newly made friends and afterwards we spontaneosly invited them to our house and they went swimming in our mini pool and played dress up. Angelina Ballerina and her three girl friends. There was such a simpleness and enjoying one another that just touched me. Of course the girls moms thought I had lost a few marbles for inviting them over for like another..what was it...4-5 hours. Yeah, my husband thought I was crazy when he looked at the house. Now mind you, my kids absolutly LOVED their birthday party they celebrated with family before leaving CA. They would LOVE to do another bouncy castle! But knowing that the simple things are ok with them too...lets me know that I must be doing something right. It encourages me and makes me feel like a good mom...a simple mom. I hope we can all find that joy from the simple things in life. From each other.


Michelle said...

Happy birthday to your babies! I did think of Abby on the 4th. May is such a busy month. You know there are two motherdays that we are grappling with - the 10 (mexico) and the 14th. I don't think we are doing much for either except take my mom out for mothersday. Maybe. What would be your perfect motherday? AHhh - you've inspired my blog for today!

Michelle said...

me again: love your new look, or did I say that already . . .anyway _HEY! your up early blogging! OK, the reason I write - check out today. Very good for me to hear. Thought you might like it too.

kellygirl said...

Perfect mothers day....hmmm...a day with no cleaning. Meaning the house was allready spiffy. A day out with the family, someplace like the Zoo or a new different place, which around here would be lots of places. Ending the day with the Ralph and I going out to a nice quiet dinner alone then come home and watch a movie together on the couch with a cup of coffee or tea (hot). Kids already in bed at this time and asleep. Then Ralph and I snuggle. It doesn't sound like anything extraordinary but hey I'm simple. OK...I would also like to throw in a manicure, pedicure, getting my hair done and a few new outfits..heehee.
Yeah, I changed my blog look..thanks, I like it too. I don't think it was too early...7? Well maybe. But I definatly stay up too late. No wait...there is a 2 hour difference and it was 9 here. My computer still has the wrong time. oops.