Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thank you for your prayers

I have been out of blog for a few days now. Missed Wordless Wednesday. Honestly there has been alot on my mind. I am keeping it lifted up to the Lord. I am sharing with you because I know the Lord answers prayers. So this is it... since we just moved to a new city, it took a little while for my husband to get a job and when he got one he wasn't picky about the salary because at that time any salary was better than no salary! Well he has still been looking for a job because this one is enough to support a single man or married, but not with children! He is working for the seminary where he is planning to return in the fall. Our income needs to more than double! Well that really is the long and short of it in a nutshell! I haven't been getting a whole lot of sleep lately. I've been doing alot of job searching at night when all are asleep. I think I found something good, we'll find out today about that. My husband hasn't been sleeping that great either, wonder why. We continue to seek His face and His perfect will for our family. OK...this pic is one I love because it is of two people I love. My crazy blondie girl and her crazy bald uncle! He is my only older brother (cause I have alot of younger ones).


Yellow Mama said...

I know what you mean about not getting a lot of sleep over the financial picture. My husband was "called" by God into the insurance industry. It was a huge move for us because I was a stay at home Mom and God was blessing in his pharm. job. But, as God will, it was time for a move. These past several years have been very interesting to say the least. We've borrowed money, gone through all of our savings and now, I am looking for a job. I've spent many days feeling the stress and tension in the front of my neck. Every time I get this way, I purposely do what I call...take myself to the woodshed for a heart to heart with God.

He keeps assuring me He's not forgotten us. I am reminded of the story of Joseph who I am sure felt dumped and forgotten, yet in the end, he was lifted up to second in command in Egypt.

I just pray for my friends who say they are over their heads but under your grace. Holy Spirit lead them to the right job or jobs. You are their source and their help in this time of need. Bless their coming and going as they job hunt. Stretch what they currently have. Open up the hands of others to give. Cover them with your blanket of protection, your supply and supervision. Multiply greatly their giving. Pull treasures from the deep forgotten hidden places and lay it in their hands....In Jesus be it!

kellygirl said...

Dear sister,
Thank You so very much!
Bless you!

Michelle said...

Amen, I second yellowmama, what a neat gal! Keep your chin up, love ya!

sarahgrace said...

Hi Kelly- thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. I came over here and read a lot of your posts, well, I think all of them actually, and was really amazed at some of the things we have in common. I will definitely be coming back to read more. It's nice to find kindred spirits in the blog-world.

I will keep you and your family in my prayers, that your husband is able to find a job that more than takes care of you all! God bless!