Thursday, May 18, 2006

Yeah! Better Day!

Today has been a better day than, well, yesterday. Yesterday was just a errgh..uugh..grrr...kind of day towards house and kids. And I believe I know why. Yesterday I did not have a plan for the day. There was way more than plenty that needed to get done, but no clear mind in how to go about it. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a "messy-cleanie", meaning that I have a hard time functioning with the mess because it overwhelms brain kind of shuts down and doesn't know what to tackle first. I need a clean home to function, but with 4 kids...yeah , you know. So it can be a nasty cycle. So this morning I went to the womens prayer group with my church. There was plenty of chatting about liposuction and boobs and modesty..ya know, alota woman stuff. But it was also encouraging and so was praying for someone else, which is what they do each week. One person shares how they are doing and everyone prays for her and shares a word that God has given for her..etc. Edifying and encouraging her.
So I came back home and have been able to focus and was also inspires to talk with my 2 older kids and it also spoke to me. I tod them that they will be cleaning for the rest of their was funny because my 6 yr old sons response was "aaogh" with whiny undertones". He thought it was a punishment! But I told them that they will eventually have their own home and they will have to clean that too. There would be only one thing that would or could change and my 8 yr old daughter hit the nail on the head. Our attitude! I also felt encouraged from the Lord that all I a doing in caring for the home and family is good. And that I should not tire (or become weary..shriveled up etc..) from doing good. And caring for the home, Hubby and kids is good, it is very good. So I guess I'll get back to doing good now! Smile!


Michelle said...

very inspirering! What are you planning to taclke today?

kellygirl said...

well i figured i'd do like 20 min. in each room. and just take small chunks..sound familiar! so i am going to go do a small chunk now. thanks.

Michelle said...

when your done with what you have to do check out my blog!