Friday, August 18, 2006

4 Things Meme

So I've been tagged by Michelle.
I have been tagged before but that post never made it past a draft, so I'm going to atempt to do better this time. If you are reading this then it means I made it through to publish it...yeah!

4 Things Meme

4 Jobs I've had in my life
1-telemarketer...very,very brief and I too hated it!
2-stocking shelves...being at work at 6:am...bluh!
3-In home care-also very short, I guess grocery shopping for the elderly wasn't my thing
4-In-N-Out Burger..yummy benefits (christian owned!)

4 Movies that I could watch over and over (in no particular order)
1-Dear Frankie (an obscure library find-awesome)
2-Something's Gotta Give - hilarious
3-Radio - Cuba Gooding Jr. in a differnt role than I'm used to-loved it!
4-Nicholas Nickleby - more than a feel good movie- a classic!

4 Places that I have lived
1-Dayton, OH
2-Lemon Grove, CA
3-Ensenada, Mexico
4-Fort Worth, TX

4 Things I like to do
1-Watch a good movie with hubby
3-laugh with friends

4 Places I have been on vacation
1-Yosemite, CA (honeymoon)
2-Carlsbad Caverns...? forgot where it is, i was too young :0
3-Dayton, OH
4-Texas...traveling around visiting

4 Websites I visit daily (or almost)
1-My friend Michelle at between diapers and dishes
2-Freecycle - Ft things that our family can use
3-Craigslist-again, checking the free stuff
4-various blogsites but don't have a blog roll and it doesn't end up being daily : (

4 Favorite Foods
1-Coffee...yes I agree with you Michelle. It IS a food, I would even venture to say a staple!
2-Chocolate..maybe that is why michelle and I are friends..the coffee & chocolate.
3-Keefer yogurt drink
4-Halvah...mmm..made from sesame and honey (#3 & #4 are comfort foods from when I was little

4 Places I would like to be right now
1-Soaking in a hot tub w/hubby in our own private suite in a luxury hotel on the 10th floor w/an awesome veiw!
2-Bed & Breakfast also sounds very nice (with same company)
3-On my dream vacation to Scotland or Ireland
4-Extreme Makeover (for myself, not my house!)

4 Friends I think will respond
1-Friends, what friends?
2-No really, I don't know who would respond. If you read my Meme then you are automatically tagged!
3-But I would like to know if you did, so leave a post so I can learn more about you!
4- This is the reason I need to blog make more friends!


sarahgrace said...

Very cool, it's always nice to learn more about the people you are reading... ; )

MugwumpMom said...

Dear that the movie with the mom who writes letter to her son pretending to be his dad? If that's the right one, yes, you're so right..loved it!!
Great's fun getting to know people through these.

Michelle said...

yes, coffee and chocolate are the true foundations of a life long friendship!

I loved reading this . . I'm gonna have to tag you more often.

Oh and if you still have drafts of the old memes, please post them!

kellygirl said...

Yes, Dear Frankie is the same one you are thinking of!
It was a wonderful movie...I highly recomend seeking it out at your local library. Especially if you have interest in sign language, yeah that means you Michelle!