Monday, August 14, 2006

To approach the Roach or not to approach...that is the qustion!

So over on She Lives, Carol is sharing her infestation and it just got me going! I can totally relate! Except on a much nastier level! At least that's what I think! I have had a problem with roaches. I am not talking about the little ones in cupboards or the 'water bugs'. Oh, No! I speak of the ones I hear are called "American roaches"! Why they are called that when I saw them and loathed them in Mexico (as a missionary) is beyond me. Hmmm, the Mexicans probably called them 'Mexican roaches'... in Texas as it gets dryer they go looking inside for food and water. Hey, I could leave them a bowl or pool full of water outside. I'll even leave some food out (outside) for them, if that would make them happy. I know it would make me happy!
The last straw was last week when my hubby and I were watching a movie after the kids were asleep...which is when we as mommies actually try to relax (after we've done the rest of the cleaning around the house). So there I was relaxing when I feel something brush across the top of my foot.....AAAH! I new right away what it was! We finally found it but the nasty bugger was to fast and got to to the kitchen and under the fridge before my valiant hubby caught him. Then the really last straw was the next night when I was sleeping! UGh! I should not even post this, but yes I actually felt it on my elbow! You know when you sleep sometimes with your hand on the back of your head? Well my elbow was near my nightstand. I jolted awake and the rest was kind of a blur but I ended up pushing stuff of my nightstand and waking hubby afterwards! I was so very shook up that I was crying and really couldn't get back to sleep very well after that. I had to try sleeping in the living room. Yeah there was one there the night before. No it was not the same one..don't ask..we could just tell. Oh, but my night in shining armor did kill the bedroom one as it tried to sneak out the door. Ok so pray for me...I need deliverance from the roaches!
I have been doing better this week and have seen like about two since. All this roach sightings make me want to move north! AARRGH! Thank you all for letting me vent.


MugwumpMom said...

Yikes...we don't get roachs but do get wolf spiders. They come in from outside looking for cool and water. I heard a shriek the other evening and a thud, thud, thud...then a "Ma!, come kill it!" was my 17 year old son doing his eebee jeebee dance. Did you know boys can scream almost as high as girls? Gee, who knew.

Have a good one.

Michelle said...

you've been tagged for a meme by me . . he he he he :-)

Carol said...

So, did you ever get rid of these little buggers? Problem all solved? If not, let me know and I'll tell you how I got rid of roaches back in the infested '80's.

karlanee said...

Moving north won't do you any good, there are roaches everywhere. But I feel your pain. I grew up in houses and neighborhoods where roaches were common but my mom did everything possible to combat them. I can deal with spiders, but roaches give me the creeps.

I hate the use of chemicals but we've resorted to having our house exterminated once a quarter just to keep them away. But don't even ask me about Argentine Ants - that's a whole 'nother story.