Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Jokes on me!

I think I was doing to much multi-tasking today. And this is why. I was out on the carport with the kids and we were doing a painting project together. I was also attempting, as mothers often do, to have a phone conversation while 'life just happens'. As I am talking the pretty pot that I was painting with them turns into something strange as my six year old son begins to blend the colors on the pot. Then little miss 1 1/2 year old gets a little paint brush and gets in on the action and dips it in the blue and walks about 3 feet with it! Yeah...dribble..dribble..dribble...
Well I was trying to talk to our church secretary and tell her I needed to drop something of that afternoon. I would drop it off right before 5 and then go pick up my husband from work.
You see...we only have one car..and what I forgot was that we were standing and painting and making a huge mess and I was talking on the phone...right were the car usually is! BUT..my husband took the car to work today. How do you miss something like that?
We finished up our stuff and got cleaned up and I started dinner. I was watching the clock because we needed to leave a little earlier. So at about 4:40 I told the kids to go out in the van and I'll be right there...I just needed to wash my hands.
I didn't realize there was no car until I hear the kids saying, "very funny mom"..and coming back inside...oops...I guess the joke was on me!


Michelle said...

Kelly your a riot!

lrlwreath said...

Oh I have been there many years ago when we had only one car. Totally funny.