Friday, November 17, 2006

Give me an M!!

I have so got to get my act together. I wanted to link my Wordless Wednesday to the others. I wanted to do a Thursday Thirteen. I had things I wanted to post about but never got the chance to...cause I forgot what they were! Well I also want to loose about 30 lbs. So we'll just have to add a whole bunch of stuff to the New Year resolutions list...if I can remember....

What I could not forget to post about though was my own personal cheer squad that I have! Yesterday when I came home from work, my kids called me to the back yard. They had me cover my eyes until they were ready. When I opened them my two eldest Miss A (8yrs) and Young Mr C (6) were standing with their backs to me about 15 ft away and about 5 ft apart from each other. Then Young Mr C turns around with a jump and has a large clump of dandelion buds (white) and he yells out M-O-M-M-Y...MOMMY!! Then Miss A does the same and has the same in her hands but she yells out L-O-V-E Y-O-U....LOVE YOU!! and in comes Little Miss A (3) and she tries to spell her name, shouting all the right letters but in the wrong order!! Then following her is Little Miss B (18m) and she shouts 1-2..1-2..1-2!! Then I clapped and told them it was so great! My dear friend Michelle asked me what the ocassion was....hmm...I had to just say...MOMMY!! I was the occasion! Now how cool is that?!

Gosh even reading it does not do it justice and it touches my heart in a way that only a mommy's heart can be touched. But I think you can understand how my heart melted and bubbled with joy at the same time!

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Michelle said...

Hello there!
And yes, this does lose a bit in the translation, but really WHO GETS A CHEER DONE? That is too cool! What I wonder is where did they get the idea . . .who was the master mind?
Give me a K!
Give me a E!
Give me a double L!
Give me a Y!
YeeeeaaaaaY KELLY!