Thursday, January 25, 2007

My sweet little felon

Tonight as we left Walmart, the alarm went off. I realize this is nothing new because it goes off for about every other person. The catch was, we had not bought anything. I was only doing a return. I had been in the jewelry section placing an order for a wedding ring (my dear husband had lost his a few months ago). So back to the embarrassing moment...
I happened to have all 4 kids with me and when the alarm went off I turned to them and said "ok, empty you pockets!"
It turns out Little Miss A, the 3 year old had put a ring (big fake one) in the front pocket of her sweater! I asked her what happened and she said it was an accident.
Well, I had let them look at the jewelry while I was busy and I expected her older siblings to keep an 'eye' on her. I guess I was asking for it.
Sheesh, but it was still embarrassing. I did explain to her that that is called stealing. Even if she didn't realize what she had done.


lrlwreath said...

Been there!! YOu will laugh about it later I promise =))

Michelle said...

LOL! So did you make HER give it back?

YOU may laugh about this later . . .I will laugh about it NOW! LOL!

(my angels have YET to set off an alarm, although I do know that that time will come and I DO know YOU will be the first to laugh!)