Sunday, October 02, 2011

Because you alone are a gift!

As a mother of four and caregiver to my Grandmother (which the responsibility is loving shared by my husband). As a runner of errands and all that comes with these responsibilities. I have been urged in different ways to take a moment.

I am taking a moment to find me. I want to find me before I realize late in life, that I am lost.

My mom raised 7 kids and as we all left and moved on in different directions in life, I am reminded of Charlotte, in Charlotte's Web...all her little spiderlings flew away and then...she...she wasted away to nothing.

Well, I am not saying that that is how my mother felt or that I am afraid of wasting away. But only that in the midst of the focus of raising kids and caring for others and your house...stop..and seek out your passion.

Don't wait for the right time or the right way or the enough money to afford. Make the way, make the time, be creative. Allow it to bubble up inside of you and get excited about it.

God gave you gifts...don't be afraid of them..they won't bite.

Don't compare your gifts...they are all unique...just as we are.

Praise others gifts and let them be an encouragement to you.

But for pete's sake....just begin..don't wait.

Because you matter.


Michelle in Mx said...

you go girl!

kellygirl said...

Thanks! You to! And more power to you!