Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Waking up early

There is something empowering about waking up before the sun. It makes you feel like you have won the race against the giant golden orb. Like you were there first. But there is also a stillness that is there...a quietness.

The days business has not begun and it doesn't have to. You almost don't want to move because once you know...'An object in motion stays in motion until it's met by an immovable bed!'

This morning I awoke and went for a brief walk with my eldest the predawn minutes. We came back and there was my next son. So we read our devotion together and prayed.

Waking up early is really not my thing...
But spending time with my oldest my thing.
I am glad I am not too old to change.

I hope you are not either.

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TanyaB said...

Amen, Sister. I have been a night owl all my life. But when I met the Lord 13 years desire to meet Him every morning and Nourish my mind with His Truth became a part of who I am. With 3 kids in the house etc. My schedule allows me to wake at 5:30 to Be with Him. I sneak through my humble little home like a 17 year old sneaking in late at night, so the boys won't hear me. One little creak and one of my Precious Lambs will be down the hall and in my lap lickity split. I love my urchins and we Read and Pray everyday, but right now in my journey I want/need a little time to Seek and Listen!!!!

I love hearing about your time with the big kids in the morning! I love Abbey and Caleb and we are so grateful to have y'all in our lives!

Peace and Grace!