Saturday, January 13, 2007

Family Time!

I am so very grateful that I have a job, really I am. But I am also grateful for a 4 day weekend. Martin Luther King day is on Monday. Well since we home school, we'll do a short day. My husband is the one who stays at home and does the schooling, cooking and cleaning. Yes, he is a rare breed.
But we will have a lesson about who Martin Luther King is and how he affected history. That will be the extent of our school on Monday. Sounds fair to me. If they are not going to have a full day of school and Mommy is off of work (I work for the local school district) and gets to spend time with them, then it makes sense to learn why.
I am looking forward to the extra day with the kids and hubby, of course!

On that note, we had some bad weather here and the power went out temporarily. So we all sat down and played a game together. We do have game nights sometimes, but why is it that when the power goes out we actually spend quality time together as a family? Do you find this to be true?

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Michelle said...

I've heard of this happening . . it's cause all the 'distractions' are off.