Sunday, January 14, 2007

Honesty of a 3 year old

I don't know what it is about my 3 year old but she is always saying the darndest things.
She has a nack for being uncommonly and comicaly honest.

Little Miss A. tends to be the louddest of the bunch and I have to ask her frequently to 'bring it down a notch', to calm down and so one time I asked her to "turn her volume down"
Well she so matter of factly told me, "my volume is broken."
Well, yeah...I guess that goes without saying...never mind.

And today after she was done using the bathroom I told her to remember to wash her hands and that I could turn off the light for her. This is because the light is in a strange place in our bathroom, it is by the sink and nowhere near the door. Many times she has just climbed on the sink herself and turned it off. Well obviously I am trying to break her of that, but she informed me, "I can climb up there and turn it off mommy, I'm a monkey."
Yes my dear you are, but monkeys can still fall and bust their cute little monkey heads. No I did not say that to her, but man she can be so very honest that it cracks me up.

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Michelle said...

now that is just too cute!